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What Causes You To Experience Easy Bruising?

Bruising-easily then keep on reading!


A bruise or contusion is caused by the breaking of small blood vessels known as capillaries that are located just beneath the surface of the skin. This happens any time you experience an injury or bump or fall.

Some people bruise more easily than others and some people recover from bruises more quickly.

 Generally speaking a bruise will start out being black and blue or purple in coloration.

 As your body works to clear the leaked blood away from the area, your bruise will fade and become green, yellow or brownish in color. Then it will disappear completely.

 Why do some people bruise more easily and recover more slowly? In this article, we will explore the phenomenon of bruising and answer these questions. Read on to learn more.

 Your Skin Thins As You Age

Older people tend to bruise more easily. The reason for this is that as we age the fatty layer that protects and cushions the skin tends to become thinner.

 In fact, the skin, itself, thins because of reduced collagen production. For the both of these reasons, older people tend to bruise more easily than younger people.

 Certain vascular conditions such as purpuric dermatosis can also cause easy bruising. This condition is far more common in older people than in younger people.

 People who have purpuric dermatosis often find completely unexplained tiny bruises on their skin. These very frequently occur on the shins.

 Why Do Bruises Just Show Up?

Inexplicable bruising may be a symptom of a serious condition.

People who have a blood disorder such as leukemia or hemophilia may experience bruising that seems to be completely without a cause. The reason for this is that, inefficient blood clotting is a symptom of these disorders.

 Keep in mind that hemophilia is usually genetic. It is handed down from one generation to the next.

 If you have a family history of relatives who tend to bruise easily, you may also bruise easily. If hemophilia has not been diagnosed in your family, it’s a good idea to check with your doctor and get a proper diagnosis.

Another serious condition that is marked by inexplicable bruising is diabetes. People who have diabetes may often find dark, discolored blotches in areas where skin rubs against skin.

 These are not actually bruises. These dark patches are symptoms of problems caused by insulin resistance.

Excessive Physical Stress Can Cause Bruising

Working out excessively can cause a great deal of pressure and strain that results in burst blood vessels. When this happens, bruises may appear inexplicably.

 If you strain excessively while exercising, you can cause microscopic tears to form in your muscles.

 Naturally, vigorous participation in exercise or sports can also cause genuine bruising. If you are involved in contact sports or very active, energetic sports such as gymnastics you can expect to get a few bruises.
Your Medication May Be Causing Bruises

Medications and other substances that thin the blood and act as anticoagulants can also cause frequent bruising. Among the medications that may cause this are:

 Oral Contraceptives





Antiplatelet medications may also cause inexplicable bruising.

Ultraviolet Rays Compromise The Skin’s Strength

If you spend too much time in the sun and get a sunburn, your skin may become less pliable and resilient. When this happens, easy bruising is a result. Additionally, when your skin is damaged, bruising is more noticeable.
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Monday, 24 April 2017

Ultra Healing Foot Balm


Whether you spend your day in high heels, work boots, or flip flops, this foot balm is just the thing to perk up tired feet.Apply this healing foot balm liberally at night and then cover your feet with socks. In the morning they will be soft again!

This peppermint foot balm is full of all-natural ingredients that heal, soften and soothe so you don't have to worry about  dealing with dry, cracked heels and achy feet. This foot balm is made to go together harmoniously with this Peppermint Foot Scrub recipe. After a good soak in warm water, a cooling peppermint foot scrub, this balm seals in moisture and helps to repair cracks and dryness. A true peppermint pampering for hard-working feet.healing peppermint foot balm recipe.

In the summer most of are in  flip-flop.  By end of the day our feet are exhausted.  So this balm is very useful.

Soak your feet in a warm foot bath filled with this Herbal Foot Soak.

Scrub feet, ankles, and calves with this Pampering Peppermint Foot Scrub.

Dry feet, lather on healing foot balm (recipe to follow), and slip socks on.

Go to bed. The next morning the aches are long gone and the bottom of your feet feel like a baby’s bottom.

Ultra healing peppermint foot balm to soothe dry, cracked feet and heels.  Ultra healing peppermint foot balm to soothe dry, cracked feet and heels

 Ingredients:Makes 1 cup

 1/4 cup olive oil infused with calendula and chamomile.

1/4 cup lavender infused coconut oil.

1/4 cup cocoa butter.

25g grated beeswax.

25 drops peppermint essential oil.

10 drops lemongrass essential oil.

5 drops vanilla essential oil.

5 drops tea tree essential oil.

5 drops lavender essential oil.


Melt the oils, wax and cocoa butter together over medium-low heat in a double boiler or a Turkish coffee pot. If the beeswax you have is a solid chunk, grate it using a cheese grater to allow it to melt faster and keep the oils from warming too much. Add essential oils when the oils and wax are melted.melting oils and wax for the healing peppermint foot balm recipe  Pour into a heat-proof container, pouring the healing peppermint foot balm recipe and leave undisturbed for 6-8 hours to cool.cooling healing peppermint foot balm recipe. Apply after the shower or bath and at night before bed for 2 weeks and you are sure to feel a big difference!

Friday, 21 April 2017

15 Surprising Uses Of Cucumbers!

Cucumbers are a delicious and nutritious addition to any salad or sandwich, and can even make for a tasty snack on their own. We should all try and include them in our weekly diet so we benefit from the wide range of vitamins and minerals they provide. But the brilliance of cucumber does not end there, and we bet you didn't realize just how versatile they could be ... Until now. This common vegetable really is far more useful than you could ever imagine, and can be used for a wide range of tasks to help you maintain body, home, garden and even clothes. Here's everything you need to know to employ cucumbers outside of a salad:

1. They Can Give You a No-Caffeine Energy Boost

Many of us drink coffee, soda or other caffeine-rich drinks because they provide us with an energy boost when we are starting to lag. Of course, caffeine is not particularly healthy for you, but there is an alternative - the cucumber! Because they are a great source of Vitamin B and good carbohydrates, cucumbers can give you a boost when you feel fatigued.

2. They Can Reduce Cellulite and Wrinkles

If you are feeling self-conscious about your cellulite, then cucumber can be a great help. Take a couple of thickish slices and rub them along the area you want to treat for a few minutes. This works because cucumber contains a photochemical which tightens collagen and firms up the outer layer of your skin which in turn, reduces the appearance of visible cellulite. It can also be effective on wrinkles, so use them as part of your regular moisturizing routine.

3. They Can Make Your Stainless Steel Shine Again

We all buy artificial cleaners for our metal work, and most of them contain countless numbers of chemicals and other nasties you don't really want to be breathing in. If you are looking for a 'green' way to shine your stainless steel taps and pots, rub a thick slice of cucumber over the area you want to clean. It will remove any signs of tarnish and leave the surface shiny and new. And as an added bonus, it won't harm your hands while you are using it.

4. They Can Rejuvenate and Replenish You

If you want a quick and easy facial you can make at home, then slice up a generous amount of cucumber and boil them in a pot of water. Remove the pot from the heat when it has boiled, place a towel over your head and lean over it, allowing the steam to hit your face. The natural chemicals inside the cucumber will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, while your skin will look great.

5. They Can Eliminate Bad Breath

If you've just finished a lovely plate of fish, but don't want to breathe the odor on everyone in your presence, then take a slice of cucumber and use your tongue to pin it against the roof of your mouth. Hold it there for around a minute and the photochemicals it contains will attack the bacteria and eliminate your problem.

6. They Can Polish Your Shoes

We don't tend to carry shoe polish with us everywhere we go, but if you are caught short with scruffy shoes and need to be somewhere important, the last slice of cucumber from your salad can do the trick for you. Rub the slice over the shoes to leave them glistening, and as an added bonus the cucumber provides them with water repellent properties as well.

7. They Fight Fog in the Bathroom

If you like a nice, steamy bath once in a while but don't have time to de-fog all the windows and mirrors afterwards, then rub a cucumber across the affected areas before you start running the taps. It will not only stop them from fogging up, but will release some relaxing aromas to help you relax while you soak.

8. They Fix a Squeaky Hinge

If you have a squeaky hinge or stubborn zipper, you probably didn't realize that you can fix it with a couple of slices of cucumber. Rub them on the defective area and you have a cheap, easy stand in for WD-40.

 9. They Fight Headaches

If the rigors of daily life have left your head pounding, or you drank too much red wine while dining out, cucumber can rescue you from a nasty headache. Because they are high in Vitamin B, sugar and electrolytes, they replenish nutrients that your body needs to fight off a hangover, or defeat the headache that has been throbbing all day. All you need to do is eat half a cucumber before bed, and then go to sleep as normal.

10. They Can Fight Off Urges to Snack

If you are in between meals and feeling peckish, it is oh-so easy to turn to the cookie jar or ice-cream tub to satisfy urges. Most of us feel bad immediately after, and regret spoiling our dinner, so why not learn from our ancestors and use cucumber to fight off compulsions to snack? For centuries, it has been used by trappers, explorers and traders as a quick fix to fend off hunger, and just a few sticks of cucumber should do the trick.

11. They Can Soothe Sunburn

You might see cucumber in some aftersun products on the pharmacy shelves, and for good reason. They are a great cooling agent and some doctors even use them to treat patients with sore, burned skin. You just need to rub a thick slice over the affected area and you should feel quick relief.

12. They Can Drive Away Garden Pests

Cucumber can be used in your garden to drive away those pesky critters that chomp their way through your precious plants and flowers. Simply place a few slices in an aluminum container (most empty canned products should be fine to use) and place the containers around your flower beds. The cucumber and aluminum react together and make a handy repellent

13. They Can Relieve Constipation

The high fiber and water content in cucumbers make them useful if you are suffering from constipation. So next time you are blocked up, try eating half a cucumber and seeing if it causes anything to 'shift'. If you are someone who suffers from ongoing constipation, try adding more cucumber to your daily diet.

14. They Are Excellent Erasers

If you have pen marks on a surface or wall, then take an unpeeled chunk of cucumber and rub it across the affected area. It works well on crayons too, so if your children or grandchildren have left you with an unwanted piece of artwork on the wall, the cucumber should successfully remove it.

15. They Can Help You Look Great!

Ok, so this one is more widely known. People have been putting cucumber over their eyes to reduce puffiness and dark circles for many years. To prepare the cucumber properly for this task, take a cold one fresh from the refrigerator and cut two thick slices. Find a room in your house where you can relax and set the cucumber slices over your closed eyes for around ten to fifteen minutes. You will look and feel great afterwards!

Monday, 17 April 2017

Cinnamon and Honey: The Dynamic Duo

It is widely known that the key to a health-promoting diet is a variety of whole, nutritious foods. However, there are certain foods – and certain food combinations – that can greatly boost your wellness quotient if you incorporate them into a healthy lifestyle. One of the most potent superfood duos out there is cinnamon and honey.

Individually, both cinnamon and honey boast amazing health benefits. Together, they are a veritable powerhouse.


Cinnamon is an ancient spice, and was used culinary and medicinally in both ancient Egypt and China. This spice comes from the inner bark of the cinnamon tree, which rolls into a “cinnamon stick” shape when it is dried. These sticks are either used whole, or ground into powdered form.

There are over 100 varieties of cinnamon, although what we commonly consume in the West is cassia cinnamon, which hails from China. Ceylon cinnamon is known as “true cinnamon,” and has a subtler flavour, but it is difficult to find in this part of the world.

Got links where you can purchase Ceylon Cinnamon.

 This sweet, aromatic spice is rich in minerals, including calcium and manganese. It also contains a number of essential oils with active components, including cinnamaldehyde, cinnamyl alcohol and cinnamyl acetate.

These volatile compounds, as well as other antioxidants found in cinnamon bark, have potent anti-inflammatory properties and help to combat disease-promoting free radicals.

Thanks to its essential oil content, cinnamon possesses antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. A 2013 study published in the International Journal of Food Microbiology found that when cinnamon was added to carrot broth, it effectively controlled the spread of Bacillus cereus, a foodborne bacteria, for sixty days.

The cinnamaldehyde in cinnamon has been found to improve circulation and prevent the unwanted clumping of blood platelets. Because of this, it may aid in the prevention of heart attack and stroke.

Cinnamon is linked to helping to lower blood sugar, as it can slow the emptying rate of the stomach after ingesting food. This improves insulin sensitivity, and can therefore be of great use to individuals suffering from diabetes, as well as those diagnosed with pre-diabetes.

The anti-inflammatory properties of cinnamon make it a key food in relieving multiple types of pain, including joint pain, headaches and menstrual cramping. Furthermore, cinnamon has been linked to boosting cognitive function – just a whiff of its aroma may help to improve focus and memory.


Honey, like cinnamon, is also an ancient food celebrated for thousands of years for both its amazing taste and potent medicinal properties. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, refers to it as “liquid gold” in his writings. However, not all honey is created equal.

Processed, refined honey is a far cry from natural, raw honey. Many honeys that have undergone heavy processing no longer contain pollen, which is an important part of real honey’s health benefits. Also, some honey products that hail from India and other parts of Asia have been found to contain contaminants, and even antibiotics and metals.

While a certified organic honey is likely a safe bet, your absolute best source for honey is a local, raw variety.

Raw honey

The importance of finding a raw honey from a local source rests in its ability to help desensitize your body to allergens commonly found in the area where you live. When bees produce honey, they deposit a small amount of pollen into it. Eating a spoon or two of local, raw honey can help build up your immunity to environmental allergens in your hometown.

Raw honey can also be extremely beneficial during a cold or cough. Adding a teaspoon of honey to your tea is not just an old wives tale: it has been scientifically studied to work. A 2007 study performed at the University of Pennsylvania gave either raw honey or Dextromethorphan (DM), a cough suppressant medication, to children between the ages of 2 and 17 who were suffering from upper respiratory infections.

Upon analysing the results, the study authors wrote: "In a comparison of honey, DM, and no treatment, parents rated honey most favourably for symptomatic relief of their child’s nocturnal cough and sleep difficulty due to upper respiratory tract infection. Honey may be a preferable treatment for the cough and sleep difficulty associated with childhood upper respiratory tract infection."

Raw honey has antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties, and can be applied topically to both disinfect and help heal numerous wounds and skin conditions, including minor burns, eczema and dermatitis. When it is ingested, these properties can help to support your immune system in dealing with pathogens that may make you sick if left unchecked.

One particularly potent type of honey is manuka honey. This honey, which hails from the flower nectar of the manuka tree, native to Australia and New Zealand, has been found to have up to 200 times the antibacterial potency of any other honey. Manuka honey can also help to support healthy gut bacteria, which along with improving digestion may provide a significant boost to your immune system.

Note: Honey should not be given to children under 12 months of age.

When their powers combine…

In both Ayurveda medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, the combination of cinnamon and honey has been long celebrated. The following are just a few benefits of blending these two superfoods:

Boosting the immune system to help prevent seasonal illnesses and other infections

Speeding recovery from colds and other seasonal ailments

Clearing sinus congestion

Soothing indigestion and other digestive disturbances

Aiding in recovery from bladder infections

Supporting healthy weight loss when combined with a healthy diet and exercise

Aiding in the prevention of heart disease and other chronic ailments

Potentially increasing longevity

Both cinnamon and honey taste delicious, and the healing powers of these ancient superfoods are vast. The truth is, we've barely scratched the surface when it comes to the many benefits of honey.

On the next page we share everything we know about the countless benefits of this amazing substance, such as the 5 reasons you should eat honey every day:

Please note always check with your GP before trying anything.

Friday, 14 April 2017

5 Natural And Efficient Remedies For Thyroid Health

Grave’s disease, hypo- or hyperthyroidism or Hashimoto’s disease are only four of the most common thyroid-related problems that affect millions of people, all across the world.
The thyroid plays a vital role in the optimal functioning of the body. It is responsible for producing and regulating several important hormones.

Most thyroid problems are the direct result of pollution, poor diet and poor lifestyle choices, such as smoking or drinking.

If you have a slow metabolism and you have a hard time losing weight, even though you exercise regularly and you have switched to a low-calorie and low-fat diet. The chances are your thyroid is the culprit.

Fortunately, Mother Nature provides us with a wealth of roots, plants and herbs that we can use to treat ourselves naturally and without any adverse reactions.

Here you’ll find the Top 5 most appreciated remedies for thyroid health:

#1 – Ashwagandha – The Indian Ginseng

Ashwagandha is known as the Indian Ginseng. Just as the conventional Ginseng as we all know it, this plant is also used for preventing and alleviating tens of different conditions.

 In a nutshell, this is an adaptogenic herb that is extremely popular in the Chinese, Indian and Unani traditional medicine.

 Although Ashwagandha is primarily used for its thyroid-regulating properties, it is known to treat a variety of other conditions like:



Skin conditions


Fibromyalgia (muscle soreness)


Premature aging

Moreover, Ashwagandha is also used for the long-term management of chronic liver disease. Some people claim it can naturally boost the libido and even reverse the stress-induced fertility problems, both in men and women.

 Nonetheless, it must be said that the Indian Ginseng is not the only adaptogenic herb that can be used as a natural remedy for thyroid health:

Holy basil

Licorice rood



… are four other praised adaptogenic herbs that have the same effect, thus being commonly used for managing Hashimoto’s disease or hypothyroidism.

#2 – Selenium

Selenium is a naturally occurring mineral that can be found in the soil, and is extremely important for your overall health. Selenium deficiency can lead to a variety of health conditions, such as Crohn’s disease.

 One of the most notable reasons why selenium is very important for you is because it has strong antioxidant properties.

 Antioxidants prevent free radicals from causing cancer or premature aging, as well as from interfering with your thyroid function.

In addition to this, selenium is also known to play a crucial role in the metabolic process, and selenium supplements can also help those who suffer from chronic arthritis or asthma.

However, when it comes to thyroid health, numerous studies have concluded that selenium restores the T4 levels in the body, thus supporting the correct functioning of your thyroid, in the long haul.

#3 – The B-Vitamin Complex

Each vitamin group or complex has its own role in the body, and the B-vitamin complex is known for improving the thyroid function.

 The most important vitamins for thyroid health are Vitamin B12 and thiamine, which are commonly found in meats and other animal-derived products.

 This is why vegans and vegetarians are prone to Vitamin-B deficiency and they should consider taking supplements.

 #4 – Probiotics

Probiotics are good, live bacteria present in your digestive system. They are crucial for your immune system and for your digestive health.

 Studies have revealed that most of the people who suffer from thyroid problems also suffer from a digestive problem known as the leaky gut syndrome. This occurs when gluten simply leaks through the intestine, reaching your bloodstream.

 Once that happens, this compound can trigger an inflammatory response in the body – it is nothing but a vicious circle that leads from one health condition to another. Fortunately, probiotics can prevent these problems from occurring, in the first place!

 #5 – Proteolytic Enzymes

There are many different enzymes present in the human body, and the proteolytic enzymes are undoubtedly amongst the most important role.

 Simply put, the role of the proteolytic enzymes (such as bromelain) is to reduce the inflammatory response in the body, a response that is commonly triggered by Hashimoto’s disease or other autoimmune-related thyroid problems.


The bottom line is that these are only five of the best natural remedies for restoring your thyroid health and adrenal gland function.

 These herbs, plants, roots and supplements individually, or you can combine two or more of them.


Monday, 10 April 2017

25 Reasons For Drinking Lemon Water in Morning With Empty Stomach

Lemon is one of the most widely used citrus fruits, because it is inexpensive, and tastes good.  It is usually used to make refreshing drinks like lemonade, tea, and cocktails, but it also has health benefits, which is why it is used as medicine in some parts of the world.

 These days, more people are starting to realize the health benefits of lemons, and have started drinking lemon water on a daily basis, especially in the mornings, because it is easy to make, and a healthier alternative to coffee.

 If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of drinking lemon water in the mornings, take a look at these 25 reasons why you should drink it in the morning before you eat.

How To Make Lemon Water

As previously mentioned, making Lemon Water is very easy, all you need is a fresh lemon and some warm water. You should wash your lemon thoroughly and cut it into half, after cutting it, you should squeeze half of the lemon into a mug.

 Once the juice is in the mug, add warm filtered water into the mug, stir it, and it is ready to drink.

 For people that enjoy hot beverages in the morning, don’t use hot water to make your lemon water, because the heat from hot water destroys some of the enzymatic properties and vitamins in the lemon.

 The lemon water is more effective if you drink it 30 minutes before eating breakfast, and if it tastes too tart, you can add a tablespoon of honey to sweeten it.

25 Reasons to Drink Lemon Water In the Morning Before Eating Breakfast

#1  It helps your digestion by flushing the digestive system, and the water helps to keep your body hydrated. When you sleep, you don’t drink any water for up to eight hours or more, so drinking water when you wake up is essential to get your body and mind going.

#2  It gives your immune system a boost because of the Vitamin C and potassium that the lemon contains. Drinking it early in the morning allows your body to absorb the vitamins effectively and improve your immune system.

#3  It can help you maintain a healthy weight, because research has shown that drinking lemon water increases your metabolism.

#4  It provides a natural flush, because it helps the liver perform its job more effectively, and it also helps flush your body by helping to stimulate the proper production of stomach acid and bile.

#5  It gives you healthier skin, because it helps your body flush out toxins and improves your digestion, and the Vitamin C in the lemon helps to increase collagen production, which gives you smooth and healthy skin.

#6 Lemon water provides an extra energy boost, because it helps the digestive system, and the lemon juice provides energy when it passes through the digestive tract.

#7 It helps to elevate a person’s mood, because it has a lot of negative charged ions that help to reduce anxiety and even depression, when released in the body.

#8 Lemon water helps to cure throat infections like tonsillitis, because the lemon has antibacterial properties that help to heal the infections, and the warm water also helps to soothe the pain.

#9 It greatly reduces your chances of having anaemia or cataracts, because the Vitamin C in the lemon increases the body’s absorption of certain ions that decreases the chances of anaemia.

At the same time, drinking lemon water on a daily basis provides your body with high levels of Vitamin C, and doing so over a long period of time, decreases you chances of having cataracts.

 #10  Lemon water also helps when it comes to dental care, because drinking it in the morning helps to relieve toothaches, and other gum related problems, because the ascorbic and citric acids in the lemon kill the bacteria that lead to dental problems like bleeding gums.

#11  If you drink lemon water on a daily basis, the acids that are in the lemon can help dissolve gall stones, kidney stones, and calcium deposits in the body. This is possible because the daily intake allows the acids to gradually dissolve them before they become harmful.

#12  Lemon water helps to relief heartburn, which is caused by an over acidic diet. While lemons contain acids, it leaves an alkaline residue in the body, which helps to combat the acidosis in your body, relieving you of your heartburn.

#13  Lemon water is beneficial to pregnant women, because it makes them less likely to throw up, keeps them hydrated, and the Vitamin C also helps with the formation of bone tissue in the baby.

 #14 It protects people from rheumatoid arthritis, because most arthritis pain is caused by an excess of uric acid deposited in the joints, and lemons have properties that are effective against uric acid.

#15  The lemon has elements like magnesium, iron, and calcium, which have proven to be very effective in repairing our lymphatic system. Health problems like high blood pressure occur because of problems in the lymphatic system, so drinking lemon water daily is a good way to reduce you blood pressure.

 #16  As previously mentioned, the lemon leaves an alkaline residue in the body, this also helps your body maintain a high pH level, which helps your body to fight diseases better.

 #17  It helps to clean your liver, and remove toxic substances that may harm its proper function, and result in health problems.

#18  Lemon water actually helps to reduce bad breath, because destroys odor causing bacteria, and also gets rid of the white plaque that forms on your tongue while sleeping.

#19  It is a regular source of potassium, which is something that is needed for the proper functioning of the cardiac and nervous systems in our bodies.

 #20 It is a natural diuretic, because it helps us to get rid of the unwanted toxins in our body at a faster rate, and also keeps the urinary tract clean at the same time.

 #21 The Vitamin C and ascorbic acids in the lemon helps our bodies heal faster, and also help with the growth of bones, tissues, and cartilages.

 #22 It helps to prevent the multiplication of pathogenic bacteria, which are the bacteria responsible for infections and diseases in our bodies.

 #23 The flavonoids in lemons are very useful in preventing cholera.

 #24 Lemon water has limuloids, which have anti carcinogenic properties, which help to prevent certain cancers.

 #25 Drinking lemon water on a daily basis helps you break your dependence on coffee, and is a much healthier alternative.

These are just some of the benefits of drinking lemon water, there are a few more benefits to drinking it daily, but these should be enough to convince you.

Please note before using some thing new always check with your GP.

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Friday, 7 April 2017

What Is A Liver Gallbladder Flush – How Can It Help You?

We don’t usually think about our gallbladders and you may be surprised to know that your gallbladder needs some attention to be healthy.
Doing a gallbladder flush is simple, and it is an important step to detoxification. It helps keep your liver and your gallbladder free of toxins that can become “stones”. This isn’t something that you have to do frequently, in fact once-in-a-lifetime may be enough.
What Happens When Stones Form In The Gallbladder?
An alarming number of people these days end up having their gallbladders removed. This is an extremely radical action to take; even though, doctors tell you it’s quite normal.
The fact of the matter is, we do not have extra organs and removing anything is not generally advisable. Just because we don’t understand the purpose of something doesn’t mean it has no purpose.
t’s far better to develop good habits that keep all of our organs working properly that it is just to toss aside the ones we deem unnecessary.
The gallbladder does, indeed, have a purpose. It is vital for the digestion of fats, and it increases bile production. Even if you are avoiding excess fat in your diet, you still should include some healthy fats.
This being the case, you need your gallbladder to help your body digest fats and break them down correctly. That’s why if your doctor tells you need to have your gallbladder removed, you should seek a natural alternative.
An effective gallbladder flush is a very desirable (and affordable) alternative to surgery.
How Can You Tell If You’re Having Problems With Your Gallbladder?
When your gallbladder flares up, you will feel pain in your right side right after eating. It is usually near the upper area of your stomach. The pain will be especially marked if you consume fat.
The cause of pain is stones that accumulate in the gallbladder and also in the liver. Even if your gallbladder has been removed, you may feel pain due to a stone build up in the liver.
Luckily, doing an effective gallbladder/liver flush and detox can take care of this problem.
You may be amazed to learn that sometimes people expel huge numbers of gallstones during a gallbladder flush. In fact, 200 stones is not an unusual number.
One grand side-effect of doing a gallbladder flush is that you might lose quite a bit of weight in the process. Some people lose as much as 10 pounds!

How Do You Perform A Gallbladder Flush?

All-in-all, a gallbladder flush takes about a week. It begins with apples. For a period of 1 to 3 days, you should eat apples and drink apple juice to the exclusion of all other foods and beverages.
Doing this will help your gallstones become softer. After two or three days, you can add raw vegetables to your diet; however, you should continue eating apples and drinking apple juice for several more days.
Prepare yourself for your gallbladder flush. On the first day of the actual flush, you will do an apple juice fast all day long. At bedtime, drink 4 ounces of extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO).
Other types of olive oil will do, but EVOO of is the most healthful type of olive oil there is. It contains the most nutrition, the most healing properties and it is completely non-carcinogenic because it is prepared using a cold pressing method.
After you drink the olive oil, drink a full cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice. If you can’t tolerate the lemon juice, grapefruit juice will do. Be sure to rinse your mouth completely after drinking the lemon or grapefruit juice and then brush your teeth.
There’s no sense in sacrificing the enamel of your teeth for the wellness of your gallbladder!
What Is A Gallbladder Flush Like?

A gallbladder flush is a rather unpleasant experience, and you should be aware of the fact that you will need to set aside a couple of days to complete the process.
When the olive oil and lemon or grapefruit juice hit your gallbladder, the stones will begin to move and you will pass them through your system. It isn’t fun, but it’s also not impossible and the benefits far outweigh the discomfort.
Once you have downed your EVOO and lemon juice or grapefruit juice, you should go to bed pretty quickly. Lie on your right side and draw your knees up to your chest in the fatal position. Sleep on your right side all night, and get a full night’s sleep.
Over the next couple of days your body will be flushing out gallstones (or liver stones if you have had your gallbladder removed). You will be spending quite a bit of time in the bathroom, and you won’t want to see people or plan activities.
It’s smart to plan well in advance for quiet, relaxing activities that you can do on your own for these two days.
Catch up on your reading; enjoy a relaxing bath and some home spa treatments; listen to music and watch some great movies! Throughout these two days, continue with your apple juice, apples and veggies diet.

Are The Results Really Worth All Of This Effort?

Many people whose doctors have told them that they need gallbladder surgery have tried this gallbladder flush and gotten a different diagnosis afterwards.
Flushing out gallstones can radically transform your health. That’s why this is such an excellent process for anyone to go through at least once in a lifetime.
Gallstones are made up of toxins that have been culled from the foods you eat. They place a burden on your gallbladder, and they can become quite large! Getting rid of them instead of getting rid of your gallbladder is the right thing to do!
 How Can You Prevent Getting Gallstones?

Once you gone through a gallbladder cleanse, you’ll want to take good care of your gallbladder to avoid the development of more stones.
Luckily, there are some supplements that are easy to take that will help prevent the development of gallstones and also assist with problematic digestion. These are especially helpful and necessary if you have had your gallbladder removed.
Digestive enzymes are very important. They help break down foods properly and keep your gastrointestinal system strong. As we have discussed elsewhere, having a healthy G.I. tract is the basis of great overall health.
When purchasing digestive enzymes, look for a high concentration of lipase. This is the enzyme that is most active in digesting fat. You should take about 5000 units of lipase daily to support good digestion.
You can just take lipase alone, or you can purchase a digestive enzyme combination supplement. Be sure to follow package instructions. Generally speaking, it’s best to take your digestive enzymes when you eat a meal.
Another product called ox bile is very good for digestion. You can purchase this at your local health food store or online. This is actual ox bile, and as squeamish as the thought of taking it may make you feel, the fact is it will help you break down and digest fats properly.
That is the function of bile. If you are vegan, you may ideologically wish to avoid this product; however, if you’ve had your gall bladder removed, it is absolutely essential. There is no vegan substitute.

A Healthy Whole Foods Diet Keeps Your Gallbladder Healthy

In addition to supplementing with digestive enzymes and ox bile, you should also continue to eat a natural, whole foods diet that is made up of mostly fresh fruits and veggies, high quality organic choices in proteins and lots of natural fibre.
Get the right amount of healthy, non-hydrogenated oils in your diet. Drink plenty of pure, filtered water to stay well hydrated and keep your system detoxified.

Please note before trying anything new always check with your GP.