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Top Benefits of Eating Avocado Seeds

Avocado fruits are known for their array of health benefits.

Powerful Antioxidants

Avocados are already known as powerful antioxidants, but studies show that the pit actually offers so much more.

Specifically, it provides for 70% more of the edible parts, giving you the opportunity to flush out more toxins through a smaller serving.

Fiber Content

The fiber content of avocado pit also makes it perfect for individuals who have constipation. The amount of fiber in avocado is actually very high and could provide individuals with the necessary amount they need, not just for digestion but also for controlling high levels of cholesterol.

Studies show that avocado pits contain the same type of fiber as oatmeal which is known for being heart-friendly.

Anti Tumor

Definitely one of the best benefits of avocado pit is its ability to prevent the instances of tumors. Although currently unused with humans, the study was already conducted with rats and mice, the results being incredibly positive.
 It might not take long before this test is tested on humans to see whether avocado is a possible defense against cancer or even the growth of benign tumors.

Boosts the Immune System

Further studies show that eating avocado seeds can help boost your immune system. If you’re the type of person constantly having minor problems that invade your life nonetheless, daily intake of even a small portion of the pit can provide you with the health boost you need.

Prevent Bone Diseases

As a person grows older, their bones start to take its toll on their health. The bone weakens and although drinking milk is always a good source of calcium, there is also another excellent source of the said mineral: avocado pits.

Just grind them up and liberally sprinkle the item on your food/drink and this should provide sufficient help for teeth and bone growth.

Antimicrobial Properties

Yes – avocado seeds can also prevent microbes from settling on your body. Studies show that it contains both antifungal and antimicrobial properties, allowing individuals to avoid some of the most common health issues today.

This fact was published in March 2009, specifically citing problems like Candida and fungi as ones being addressed by the properties of avocado pit.

Reduces Inflammation

Arthritis is a common problem among many seniors – a condition wherein the joints swell up, leading to pain and discomfort during movement. Avocado seeds however act as powerful antioxidants that specifically work against joint pain.

With just a few servings of the shredded pit every day, the joint pain should slowly lower down, making it easy for you to move.

Helps with Weight Loss

Another plus that people will definitely love is the product’s ability to help with weight loss.

Specifically, avocado seed helps curb cravings so that you will not find yourself suddenly wanting to eat something sweet and tasty in large amounts.

With this kind of help, you will be able to shed fat faster without actually missing out on some of the most vital nutrients and minerals for a healthy body.

Better Skin

You probably know how the avocado flesh can be used as a mask for a healthier and glowing skin. The pit provides the same benefits but without having to apply the material on your face.

Instead, all you have to do is eat the pit on a daily basis and your skin will show the positive effects of the product.

This happens because the antioxidant properties of the avocado helps flush out any radicals that may be damaging the skin. This leads to better flexibility, fewer skin tone problems, and fewer occurrences of pimples.


Perhaps one of the best benefits of the seed is as a revitalizing agent. Essentially, this means that you will experience an excellent energy boost with the intake of the pit through regular means.

If you have had a bad day and experiencing lots of stress, simply preparing yourself an avocado shake with some of the pits inside should be able to help get rid of any anxiety you have.

To top it off, the seed also helps with diarrhea and inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract due to its astringent properties.

 Processing Avocado Seed for Eating

Now the next question here is: how exactly do you eat avocado seed? It might seem unorthodox, but the seed is completely edible and can be taken in a number of ways.

To start however, remove it carefully from the center of the fruit and just slice it in the center or whack it really hard until it cracks. To actually use the seed, just take your pick on some of the suggestions below:

Avocado Pit Smoothie

The avocado pit is bitter so using it as a single ingredient in a smoothie is never a good idea. However, you can chop up the pit into very small pieces and adding it to whatever smoothie or shake you happen to be making.

The real flavor of the drink masks the bitterness of the seed but adds a certain texture to the overall flavor. Think of the pit powder as a supplement that you can simply sprinkle all over the smoothie to boost its effect.

Sprinkle On Food

If you manage to grate avocado pit into very small pieces – or perhaps successfully turn it into powder, then sprinkling it on food is another good way of ingestion. Try putting it in your favorite recipes; perhaps use it as an ingredient for dips and sauces.

The amount of avocado pit powder should be small enough that the taste will not matter, but you will definitely reap the benefits of this addition!

Of course, if you are going to eat the avocado pit, you might as well make sure that the avocado flesh is included in your diet.

The good news here is that avocado is every bit as nutritious as the pit, therefore allowing you to gain more health benefits with just one fruit!

Today, you will find lots of fresh avocado in grocery stores – or you can try growing a tree yourself if the weather permits it!

4 Steps To Get Rid of Toenail Fungus Naturally Once and For All


 Toenail fungus is often neglected, mainly because it does not hurt, neither does it interfere with your daily activity nor pose any serious health threat.

However, toenail fungus is very unsightly and embarrassing for most of us, and if you leave it untreated, then it can affect your toenails for years, or even decades.

Just like it happens with many other disorders and skin conditions, toenail fungus is triggered by the severe lack of probiotics in your gut, also known as the “good bacteria”.

As the name suggests, the good bacteria fights off the bad bacteria, but when the balance is off, the bad bacteria can take over and cause candida, yeast, toenail fungus and a plethora of other similar conditions.

If you want to take the matter into your own hands and treat your toenail fungus naturally, then here you will find some of the best ways to do so!

You Are What You Eat!

We all know this saying, but the truth is that some foods can truly cure many diseases and afflictions – and toenail fungus is only one of them. The first thing you need to do if you want to naturally eliminate this bothersome fungus is to tweak your diet.

Remove all grains and sugar from your daily diet, as this is the primary fuel for the bad bacteria that causes the fungus in the first place. In other words, you can kill the bacterium responsible for the toenail fungus by starving it.

Once you have eliminated grains and sugars from your diet, the next step is to naturally boost your probiotics levels and to let your body do the job on your behalf. Why take synthetic pills or antibiotics to treat this bacterial infection, when the human body has the outstanding natural ability to heal and repair itself?

Eat more sauerkraut and kimchi, along with berries, kefir and yogurt – all these foods are known to be highly acidic and to create the perfect environment in your gut for probiotic cultures to grow and thrive.

In Good Fatty Acids We Trust!

There are two main types of fatty acids present in foods: the bad ones that damage your cardiovascular system and thicken your arteries, and the good ones which have the opposite effect, killing off the candida, yeast and, ultimately, the toenail fungus.

With that in mind, it is important to remember the two most notable types of good fatty acids known to man: lauric acid and caprylic acid, both of which can be found in coconut oil.

Try Some Natural Probiotic Supplements

Once you have adjusted your diet, the third step is taking some quality, natural probiotic supplements to stimulate your body’s immune system. Ideally, you should also consider using olive leaf extract, as the antimicrobial benefits of the olive leaves are very well-documented.

Essential Oils

Another highly efficient natural treatment for toenail fungus is tea tree oil. Aside from tea tree oil, which has great antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that are often compared to those of mainstream antibiotics.

Another essential oil that you can use to alleviate the fungal infection is oregano oil. If used correctly and regularly, the oregano oil can kill candida, molds and fungus – two or three drops of each essential oil can do wonders on your toenails.

As efficient as these two oils may be, it is of utmost importance to stick to a strict daily regimen – toenail fungus can be very stubborn and difficult to treat, this is why you must never miss a treatment session.

Apply these essential oils religiously in the morning, at noon and in the evening. The treatment may last for as much as 8 to 12 weeks, but the results are guaranteed and besides, there are no adverse reactions or side effects to be worried about, either!

The Bottom Line

To summarize, your diet can make you or break you. It can facilitate the onset of toenail fungus and other opportunistic infections by killing off the good bacteria cultures, or it can strengthen your immune system and make you invincible in front of diseases.

If you want to treat your toenail fungus, then make sure to reduce your sugar intake, to eat more healthy fats such as coconuts or avocados, as well as to eat more fibers and proteins coming from high-quality sources, like flax seeds, sprouted chia or nuts!

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Powerful Healing Garlic Soup 100 Times More Potent Than Antibiotics


A cold, the flu, and pneumonia are several respiratory ailments that can really wear a person down.

While modern society tends to use antibiotics to treat such things, there is a natural alternative.

What is this natural remedy, you ask? Garlic soup!

It is well-known that garlic has been used throughout the ages for medicinal purposes.

This soup is a wonderful food to help rid your body of the aforementioned ailments. When you can treat something naturally, it’s a good feeling and usually much safer! Details at:

Healing Garlic Soup -  Garlic is Natural Antibiotics. 

Monday, 24 October 2016

Overcoming The Signs And Symptoms Of Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome


 Adrenal fatigue is a common but under diagnosed problem. If you have been feeling extremely tired lately, then the chances are you suffer from the symptoms of adrenal fatigue syndrome. Also what is known as “adrenal insufficiency”.

Adrenal fatigue occurs as a direct result of an adrenal gland malfunction. It is so common that around 80% of the world’s population will experience it, sooner or later.

Although adrenal fatigue can prevent you from focusing on your job or doing basic household tasks, the good news is that you can easily overcome it.

The first and most important step is having it diagnosed, and in order to do that you must acknowledge the signs and symptoms that are commonly linked to adrenal fatigue.

What Are The Most Common Signs Of Adrenal Fatigue?
If you get seven to eight hours of sleep per night, yet you wake up even more tired than you were the night before, then this should get you thinking.

This is actually the first thing people with adrenal fatigue start to notice about themselves.

While it is true that some people need as much as nine hours of night’s sleep in order to fully recharge their batteries, some are doing just fine with only six or seven.

However, if you constantly wake up tired, then you should not overlook that symptom!

The second most obvious symptom of adrenal fatigue is anxiety. If you feel extremely overwhelmed by everything that takes place around you, then there are two potential explanations for that:

You either suffer from adrenal fatigue, or you suffer from what is known as the “burnout syndrome”, which occurs when you work too much and you do not get enough rest.

It often happens that adrenal fatigue-induced anxiety is accompanied by several other signs, such as poor memory or the lack of focus and concentration.

At the same time, the inability to burn fat and lose weight might also indicate adrenal insufficiency, especially if you have lowered your daily calorie intake and you also workout regularly.

If you burn more calories than you ingest, then you should have no problem getting rid of the excess weight. However, if you have hit the infamous “plateau” for more than two weeks, then this might be attributed to adrenal fatigue.

What Can You Do To Overcome Adrenal Fatigue?

If you experience the signs and symptoms mentioned above and you suspect that you might suffer from adrenal fatigue, then the first measure you need to take is adjusting your diet.

Take out all the stimulants and irritants from your diet, starting with caffeine which increases alertness and which is also the main cause of insomnia.

Besides caffeine, you should also cut down on sugar.

Sugar delivers nothing but empty calories
Sugar has no nutritional value
Sugar does not provide any essential minerals and vitamins
Sugar has devastating effects on your physical health that are well-documented
Sugar slowly damages your adrenal glands, and so does fast food!

The second step is giving your body the right fuel, which includes a series of minerals and vitamins, starting with magnesium and the B-vitamin complex.

These two essential nutrients are known to stimulate your adrenal glands and to balance out your blood sugar levels which, in turn, will prevent you from binging on food (and sweets in particular).

Aside from magnesium and Vitamin B12, you should also increase your daily intake of healthy amino acids, such as Omega 3 and Omega 6.

One of the best natural sources of high-quality amino acids is olive oil, which you can easily add to your salads.

Ideally, you should combine the extra virgin olive oil with dark leafy greens, such as:

Along with vegetables
Seaweed in particular is rich in minerals.

Eliminating sugar and caffeine from your diet is not enough to prevent or reverse adrenal fatigue – you must adopt some long-term dietary changes.

 There are numerous natural supplements available on the market that are specifically created to help you fight off adrenal fatigue.

These supplements usually contain various adaptogenic herbal extracts, roots and natural plants such as:

Holy basil

As efficient as these supplements can be, there is only that much they can do, this is why you should consider taking them in conjunction with B vitamins, Selenium and Vitamin D.

Our bodies can naturally produce Vitamin D when exposed to direct sunlight, but we have a hard time satisfying our body’s Vitamin D needs during the winter. Tthis is why supplimentation is essential.

Vitamin D works best when used with selenium and magnesium, which are known to improve the function of your adrenal gland.

It also helps you relieve stress and get a better, deeper and more refreshing night’s sleep.

Speaking of stress, if you have decided to fight off your adrenal fatigue, then you should consider eliminating all the stress factors from your life.

Ultimately, it is pointless to eat healthy foods and to exercise regularly, if you constantly feel stressed and pressured at the end of the day.

Work-related stress is the most common one. If you cannot do anything about it, then you should consider some relaxing, stress-relieving activities, such as yoga or breathing exercises, along with melotherapy or aromatherapy.

Stress is extremely dangerous, both for your mental and for your physical health. This is why you must learn how to manage it effectively.

Jogging, swimming, hiking or simply walking for half an hour a day can help you take your mind off of the daily worries and let off all the steam that has been building up inside you throughout the day.


To conclude, these are the steps you have to follow in order to treat your adrenal insufficiency and prevent adrenal fatigue from wreaking havoc on your personal and professional life.

Get rid of caffeine
Eat more fruits and vegetables
Stay hydrated
Cut down on sugar and empty calories
Remove fast food from your diet

Make sure to exercise to relax and unwind at the end of the day

These are the rules you should live by, if you want to stay healthy, happy and energetic over the years!

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Pain In Upper Body

Pain in Upper Body

A heart with blocked arteries has to work excessively hard to provide blood to different parts of the body.

The forceful functioning of the heart can lead to the pain spreading in the arteries and other muscles of the body. Hence most people who have had a heart attack have experienced a pain in the chest.

Sometimes the pain is relieved by itself making people not so serious about it. The chest pain can also spread to other parts of upper body such as arms, neck, shoulders, back and hands.


When a heart does not function properly, it can lead to fluid accumulation in different parts of the body.

This fluid accumulation is generally found to happen in the lower parts of the body which are far from heart and hence do not receive proper blood circulation in time.

Swelling in legs, around ankles, abdomen and the feet are clear symptoms of a probable heart disease or attack. This swelling can also be accompanied by weight gain and loss of appetite.


Since indigestion is an extremely common problem, many people never think that it can be related to a problem with the heart.

Due to inadequate blood supply to the stomach during heart issues, the stomach is unable to digest the food that is consumed which leads to indigestion.

Indigestion along with swelling in the abdomen is the most commonly observed symptom in heart patients. Indigestion should hence be consulted with doctor.


Again a commonly occurring symptom to a number of problems, cough is also a symptom for heart disorder. In case of a heart failure, the cough becomes persistent and is accompanied by wheezing.

This happens due to fluid accumulation in the lungs. Sometimes the cough is also accompanied by bloody phlegm.

Anxiety and Irritability

Heart patients have also reported feeling overly anxious for no obvious reason before experiencing a heart attack.

There are feelings of distraction and lack of focus due to the discomfort. There are also experiences of feeling doomed and those of fear.

While there is no 100% accurate way of predicting whether an individual can experience heart attack, there are symptoms that can raise the alarm and make one alert.

Knowing these common symptoms makes one aware of the impeding danger. Consulting a doctor in time can help avoid the attack or minimize its effect so that the results are not fatal.

Monday, 17 October 2016

10 Most Common Warning Signs Of A Heart Attack 30 Days Before It Happen


 There are 10 main common signs of a heart attack before you experience the life threatening issue.

The ten most common symptoms are:

Shortness of breath
Dizziness and sweating
Chest, back, shoulder, and neck pain
Unexplained weakness
Rapid or irregular pulse
Digestion issues
Mood swings
Nasty cough

These symptoms are very serious and should not be taken lightly at all. A cardiac arrest, commonly known as a heart attack happens when the heart stops working.

The most common cause of a heart attack is blocked arteries that are unable to facilitate blood circulation.

This blockage of arteries happens due to fatty and calcified plaque build-up. The blocked arteries lead to sudden formation of blood clot which causes heart attack.

The major risk factors of heart attack are:

 High levels of cholesterol
High blood pressure
An inactive life style

Another major factor is the genetic build up. This can be identified from the family history of heart attacks.

However, it has now been found that heart attacks also give warning signs that can be identified even 30 days in advance. In this article we’ll look in more detail at each of these signs:

Shortness Of Breath

The heart is responsible for circulating clean blood with oxygen in it to different parts of the body and removes the impure blood with carbon dioxide in it.

When the arteries of the heart begin building plaque, the heart is unable to provide enough oxygen to different parts of the body, including the lungs.

This causes shortness of breath with even little physical exertion. The breathing improves when the physical exertion is stopped.


Due to the narrowing of the arteries, the heart is unable to supply sufficient amount of blood to different parts of the body. The cells and tissues of the body require oxygen and nutrients to be able to function in a normal manner.

When they do not receive the oxygen and the energy it carries along with it, they start tiring.

A common symptom if interrupted or poor blood circulation is hence constant fatigue. The fatigue is not temporary and does not seem to improve.

If every day activities become tiresome for more than a week, it is important to visit a doctor. Being tired all the time could be a symptom of heart failure.

Sweating and Dizziness

When the brain does not receive the sufficient quantity of blood it starts losing control of the bodily activities.

Our brain requires a lot of blood to keep it nourished and functioning normal. But the blocked arteries can reduce the amount of blood reaching the brain.

Breaking out into cold sweats is also a symptom of heart problems. When the brain does not receive sufficient blood, it can lead to sudden sweating.

These cold sweats are sudden and can occur even when one is in a resting position. The sweating is such that it feels as if the person has just completed his workout .

Unexplained Weakness

When the artery blockage increases, the cells and tissues of the body stop receiving the nutrients required for them to function.

This slowly leads to unexplained weakness. Despite a person eating well, they are unable to receive the nutrition from their food.

This weakness begins building up over the weeks leading to a heart attack. Most people tend to ignore this but it is in fact a major symptom of a heart attack which is on its way.

Rapid or Irregular Pulse

Another common symptom of an approaching heart attack is irregular pulse. Also referred to as Arrhythmia, rapid or irregular pulse can be caused by various reasons. Even healthy heart can display arrhythmia.

However, it is necessary to pay attention such symptom as it is a good indicator of heart functioning not being normal.

Friday, 14 October 2016

How To Relieve Muscle Soreness With Help Of Himalayan Salt

Relieve Muscle Soreness

Have you trained a bit too hard at the gym, and starting to feel the effects of over training?

If so, rest assured – a warm bath with a pinch of Himalayan pink salt will relax your muscles, relieve soreness and speed up the muscle repair process.

It’s also great for those who suffer from intense muscle cramps.

Himalayan pink salt is very rich in magnesium and 80 other minerals that heal muscles and soft tissues, when absorbed through the skin.

Treating Acid Reflux Disease

Acid reflux is a common problem that occurs in those who have a problem with the pH levels in their stomach.

Aside from being very bothersome, acid reflux can also be quite painful as it triggers the dreaded heartburn.

Fortunately, the Himalayan pink salt can double as a natural and highly efficient antacid that keeps the stomach acid levels within the normal range.

If left untreated, acid reflux can damage your trachea and even increase the risk for cancer.


Improve Digestion

If you suffer from slow digestion or if your body has a hard time processing and absorbing the nutrients you
consume, then you can rely on the pink Himalayan salt yet again.

Simply replace your classic salt with HPS, and you will quickly notice how gassing, bloating or constipation will no longer be an issue!

In addition to improving your digestion, the pink Himalayan salt can also speed it up, which is great for those who watch their waistline!

 Lowers Blood Pressure

This may sound absurd at first, and you might ask yourself:

How can the Himalayan pink salt lower the blood pressure, when it is known that the sodium present in salt has the exact opposite effect?

The reason why the pink Himalayan salt can actually be good for you is that it is absorbed directly into your blood stream in a faster and more efficient manner than conventional salt.

In turn, this leads to a lower blood pressure and a healthier and improved blood flow!

Clean Arteries

Do you feel an unhealthy diet and lifestyle has lead to the accumulation of cholesterol on the inner walls of your arteries?

Are you afraid of the consequences this might have on your health?

High cholesterol levels have been linked to an increased risk of stroke and heart attack. Consuming pink Himalayan salt on a regular basis, can help improve your overall blood flow as described above, but it can also “scrub” your arteries!

Sleep Better!

The Himalayan pink salt is widely known for its relaxing effects, effects that target your muscles in particular.

However, a small HPS lamp can also purify the air and help you fall asleep faster at night – and stay asleep until morning.

Sleep deprivation increases the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, heart attack as well as heart failure, and you certainly do not want any of those in your life!

Extremely Rich In Minerals

The microscopic analysis of this salt reveals that it contains no less than 84 minerals… essential for your overall health. This includes calcium and chloride to magnesium, phosphorus, iron to potassium and copper.

All these minerals are essential for:

Bone health

Helping prevent arthritis and other joint-related problems
Preventing cold hands and feet triggered by poor blood flow
Preventing mental and physical health issues
Strong Detoxification Properties

The Himalayan pink salt is also known for its natural detoxification effects, when used in the form of brine treatments.

As mentioned earlier, when you add this salt to your regular bath, the minerals and other compounds present in it, get quickly absorbed into the skin which, in turn, stimulates the natural osmosis process.

Irrigation Of Sinus

Sinusitis affects millions of individuals. Fortunately, doing regular sinus irrigation with Himalayan pink salt can help clear up sinus congestion and treat a sinus infection.

Salt is known to have strong antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, and irrigation with the Himalayan pink salt will kill the contaminants present in your nasal cavities.

Reduce The Toxicity Of Electromagnetic Frequencies


Last, but not least, it is believed that Himalayan salt lamps have yet another miraculous benefit.

Although this type of salt is commonly used for its health benefits, it seems that the lamp can attract EMFs that are commonly emitted by electronics, such as laptops, TVs and especially smart phones.

Numerous studies have linked high levels of electromagnetic frequencies to various types of cancer.

The Himalayan pink salt lamp can reduce the overall amount of electromagnetic pollution and simply “capture” and store the radiation waves that come from electronics.

Once again, this is possible due to the high production of negative ions that the Himalayan pink salt releases into the atmosphere.

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12 Health Conscious Benefits Of Pink Himalayan Salt


Salt certainly adds taste and flavor to our foods. At the same time, we also know that the high sodium content present in salt can lead to hypertension which, in turn, can slowly damage our cardiovascular system.

 Fortunately, the pink Himalayan salt is a healthier, better and a safer alternative to the traditional, commercially-available salt as we know it.

Apart from being very rich in essential minerals and trace elements, this salt can also help:

Purge toxins
Balance electrolyte levels within your body
Improve blood circulation

Just as the name implies, the pink Himalayan salt is extracted from the Himalayan mountains present in Asia – this hand-mined salt is known to be the purest one on Earth.

Widely used in the cosmetic, culinary as well as medical field, the pink Himalayan salt is pure, luxurious and it is accompanied by a plethora of health benefits detailed below:

Pink Himalayan Salt Is Great For Purifying The Indoor Air

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, allergic to pollen and dust, suffer from a chronic respiratory condition, have airborne pathogens easily irritate your lungs, worsen your bronchitis or asthma, then the Himalayan pink salt may help!

Take a small amount of pink salt (rock lamps are available online) that acts as a natural air purifier and attracts moisture from the air, along with all the allergens and pathogens.

Improve Your Respiratory Conditions

Aside from trapping the allergens and reducing the overall air moisture levels, the Himalayan pink salt can naturally alleviate some of the most common respiratory conditions, such as asthma.

The pink crystals are known to emit negative ions, which is why this salt is indispensable in what is known as “salt therapy”.

Salt therapy has been used for more than two hundred years to improve one’s overall health status.

It’s use to alleviate respiratory conditions in a healthy, cheap and natural manner, without any adverse reactions.

Salt-rich air kills bacteria and it can alleviate chest congestion, coughs and asthma. It’s even been used in the treatment of cystic fibrosis.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Health Check


Muscle Cramps

The red blood cells transport carbon dioxide and other toxic wastes out of the body tissues, in addition to transporting oxygen throughout the body. When they cannot properly perform these tasks due to iron deficiency, more waste accumulates in the body tissues resulting in frequent muscle cramps.


A lack of iron in the body causes a decline in the red blood cell count due to iron depletion. This often manifests as a pale appearance of a person’s complexion. Hemoglobin gives the skin its rosy coloration. It is easily noticeable where the blood flows very close to the skin such as the face, lower eye lids, fingertips and lips

Soreness Of The Tongue

Glossitis can be warning sign of iron deficiency in the body. Glossitis is the soreness of the tongue or inflammation of the dorsal surface of the tongue. It often leaves the tongue smooth, shiny and reddened. The tongue may swell and you may have difficulty chewing, swallowing or speaking.

This can spread to the outer mouth manifesting as cracks on the side of the mouth. Moreover, a burning sensation on the tongue may also indicate a lack of iron although it is mostly associated with the burning tongue syndrome.

Craving Non Food Items

Pica is the condition whereby a person craves nonfood items such as paper, soil, chalk or ice. The lack of iron in the body is considered a causative agent of the unorthodox condition. However, scientists are yet to figure out why exactly this happens to people when they do not get enough iron.



When the brain is deprived of oxygen dizziness may result. Red blood cells need enough iron to transport much needed oxygen to the brain. Frequent dizziness spells can be a warning sign of possible iron deficiency. However, this can also be a sign of many other conditions but it is better to be safe than sorry. Unexplained dizziness spells should be reported to a doctor as soon as possible.

Lack Of Strength And Stamina

Iron deficiency can present itself as declining muscle strength and stamina. Iron is vital component in the development strong muscles and tendons.

Additionally, sufficient oxygenated blood may not be reaching the muscle to enable energy production due to red blood cells lacking hemoglobin. As a result, the body compensates by resorting to anaerobic methods of energy production. These reactions lead to the accumulation of toxic wastes in the muscles and are more demanding on the body.

Weak Nails

Iron is important for the proper development of healthy nail tissue. Brittle nails that easily crack from mild trauma or harsh conditions can be an indication of a lack of iron. It is important to be on the lookout for ridges that run along the fingernails as they can also be a warning sign of iron deficiency.

Restless Leg Syndrome

In some people iron deficiency can result in restless leg syndrome, a disorder that causes a strong urge to always move the legs. This urge often occurs with unpleasant and strange crawling feelings in the legs. Sufferers can also have a hard time sleeping

Heart Palpitations

If you do not have enough hemoglobin carrying red blood cells, the heart has to work harder to move the oxygen rich blood to body parts that need it. This often results in irregular heartbeats called arrhythmia’s.

Increased Susceptibility To Infections

Iron is very important for a healthy immune system. This is because the red blood cells help transport oxygen to the spleen where infections are fought off.

Additionally, the red blood cells also transport oxygen to the lymph nodes, which contain the white blood cells. When you have frequent infections it may mean that your body is not producing enough strong white blood cells due to lack of iron.

Hair Loss

Your hair follicles may not be getting enough oxygen subsequently getting dormant and as a result your hair falls out. If you notice excessive hair loss that does not grow back, you may be lacking iron in your body.

If you experience any combinations of such symptoms it is paramount to seek medical or dietitian attention. Iron deficiency can be treated through dietary changes and prescribed iron supplements. Ignoring these warning signs can lead to more sinister conditions like Anemia.

Monday, 3 October 2016

15 Warning Signs You May Have An Iron Deficiency?


Iron is an important dietary mineral, involved in various vital bodily functions such as the transport of oxygen in the blood.

Iron deficiency is the condition that results from having low levels of iron in the body. It is one of the most widespread nutrition deficiencies. Herein are warning signs to look for that may indicate iron deficiency.


Fatigue is the condition where a person constantly feels tired. It is the most common symptom of iron deficiency and it can be easily overlooked.

Iron is essential for the production of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is responsible for the transport of oxygen in the red blood cells.

Lack of iron means the body has to work harder to get the energy it needs leaving you feeling exhausted and weak.

Lapses In Concentration

At rest 20% of the oxygen you breathe goes to the brain. About 15% of the blood flow from the entire body goes to the brain.

Iron deficiency reduces the effectiveness of the red blood cells to carry oxygen.

Due to this, the brain ends up being deprived of vital oxygen and thus cannot function optimally, which results in difficulty concentrating.

Although regular concentration lapses may indicate a deficiency of iron, it is also a common occurrence with other conditions.


Iron facilitates the production of certain hormones in the body. Some of these hormones such as dopamine are responsible for the reduction of anxiety, depression and stress levels in the body. As such, easy irritability can be a sign of hormonal imbalances caused by the lack of iron in your body.

First measurements of new iron deficiency marker

Using a new marker of iron status, the report indicates higher rates of iron deficiency in Mexican-American children aged 1 to 5 years (11 percent) and in non-Hispanic black (16 percent) and Mexican-American women (13 percent) of childbearing age (12 to 49 years) when compared to other race/ethnic groups. source:

Frequent Tingling Sensations

These sensations commonly referred to as “pins and needles”, are caused by poor blood circulation. Iron deficiency hinders the proper function of red blood cells resulting in these sensations. They are common in body extremities such as hands and feet. This shows that enough oxygen is not reaching the further body parts.